My husband and I like to sit on the couch and watch Netflix and OnDemned as much as any 30-something year old couple. But we also like spending quality time playing games together! Here are a few go-tos.
  1. Phase 10
    This is a great card game: like Gin Rummy, you have to get sets and runs but they are prescribed in phases. You must complete all 10 phases to win. Usually takes 45 min. Great to listen to music to. More luck than skill game. Usual winner: pretty balanced.
  2. Dutch Blitz/Ligretto
    The Germans and the Dutch apparently had the same idea for a game. He grew up playing the Dutch version and I the German one. This is a speed card game that can go as long as you like it to (in our house, that's until the score gap is too big that the loser finally concedes). Usually played in silence except for the curses of missing your play. More skill than luck. Usual winner: him.
  3. Ticket to Ride
    We call it the train game (I had to remember real hard the actual title for this list). This is a more thoughtful board game in which you have to build train lines across the country. Takes 30-40 min. Definitely most strategic of the games. Usual winner: almost exclusively him.
  4. Carcasson
    This is a new game we just added to the collection. You build the board with tiles and claim areas with pieces called meeples. So far so good-nice mix of luck and skill. Of 2 games played, we have each won one.
  5. Concept
    Billed as the "dictionary for people who can't draw," this game has a board full of symbols which you use to indicate a given concept. As a group game, this is an interesting look into people's psyche. As a game for two, it is a test of communication skills. Do not play when tempers are short. Usual winner: our relationship ;)