I just had a birthday!

Guess how old I am based on my b-day weekend activities:
  1. 4:45 dinner with the hubs on Friday cause that's the reservation that was available.
    Am I a 41 y.o. woman who would like to keep it low key so people will stop thinking about her aging process?
  2. Working on the weekend
    Am I a 55 y.o. workaholic?
  3. Ministry committee meeting at church
    Am I a 75 y.o. retiree?
  4. Brunch with friends
    Am I a 26 y.o. hipster?
  5. Took friends to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    Am I a 12 y.o. boy?
  6. Got a new tattoo
    Am I a 18 y.o. happy to not need parental sign off...finally! (Pic is inspiration...tat is happening this afternoon!)