1. I believe Abraham Lincoln can be every man's hero.
  2. I believe travel should be mandatory for humanity.
  3. I believe peanut butter and chocolate can cure nearly any ailing soul.
  4. I believe if more people recognized the impact of art on the world, we could all be a little happier for it - and throwing some money it's direction couldn't hurt.
    I'm talking art on canvas, in the theater (movie and on stage), in advertising, in your headphones and in a museum.
  5. I believe in donating. Money, food, clothes, blood, organs - anything you can.
  6. I believe family are truly the only people you are allowed to yell at. Cause they'll eventually forgive you.
    There's no reason to yell at anyone else. Except at the TV, maybe.
  7. I believe a day on the couch can cure 5 days at work.