I visited Richmond!

  1. They love themselves some Robert E Lee.
  2. Seriously, love that Lee!
  3. And also Jefferson Davis.
    This is the strangest monument...
  4. Oh, Jefferson...
    Note, his hand is face up, not in a "heil."
  5. And the representation of his ideals represented here seem to ring a bit odd to a Yank like me...
    That reads "Exponent of Constitutional Principals" ...which constitution was he reading.
  6. And saw the preserved White House of the Confederacy!
    Unfortunately, got here too late to visit the museum...but next time!
  7. Seriously, they still love Jeff Davis...
  8. We also got the see the State Capitol building!
    And got a little tour...small place but pretty cool! And being used to DC, there is no security around...we just walked all around by ourselves at the end of the tour!
  9. Awesome statue of George.
    Made of one block of marble and absolutely life size. One of the first of him to be made in his military garb, not a toga as was the tradition.
  10. And the original state flag that waved over the capitol until the burning of Richmond at the end of the war. "Thus always to tyrants."
    Look how curvy the conqueroress's hips are...designed and made by a woman. Kicking ass.
  11. We also got a free and personal tour of the Governor's Mansion! The only in the country that has housed every gov since it was built.
    Gov. McAuliffe was not there but the family was...as was the family dog, Daisy!
  12. The First Dog, Daisy, snoozing under the couch.
    We got some good scratches on on her before the tour. She's vicious....viciously cute!
  13. Also, a painting of Patrick Stewart?
    No, it's Black Hawk...and a screwed up story to go along with it...
  14. Considering we were in Richmond for a special hearing of the Supreme Court of VA, it's appropriate to have stopped at the house of John Marshall.
    If you don't know who he is, he's worth looking up. Certainly more influential than some presidents...
  15. In conclusion, I may not hitch my horse in Richmond but I'd go back for another visit!
    I love Civil War era history and find the fascination with the Confederacy ...well, fascinating.
  16. Oh, and if you go for a visit, I highly recommend lunch at Citizen and dinner at Comfort. Super yummy foods!