Items I keep in my car - just in case

  1. An umbrella (sometimes 2)
    DC isn't very rainy so I don't really carry them around but never regret having it on hand when the need arises
  2. Tissues
    For allergy season and dry season (between these, that is always)
  3. Also napkins.
    Tissues make bad napkins
  4. A lint roller
    I have a white cat and often forget to roll before leaving home
  5. A phone charger
  6. A car charger
    A fancy one from my in laws that you charge using the car then it returns the favor
  7. Recyclable bags
    Cause I care
  8. Hand sanitizer
    I'm not a germaphobe but it is a good liquid for getting sticky stuff off your hands or after pumping gas
  9. Travel size lotion
    Cause I get dry skin
  10. Pair of fingers gloves
    For while the car is warming up
  11. Case of CDs
    Yup. Most are from the early 2000s. Cause who bought CDs after 2007? Also, this is the only place I have a CD player.