1. Watched the reading of the Declaration of Independence from the steps of the National Archives on July 4th!
    Because America.
  2. Got to witness this from a rooftop!
  3. Tried some hard cider at an apple orchard in VA!
    And of course they had this truck there.
  4. Stayed at and Airbnb where the hubby made a new friend.
  5. Went to Luray Caverns!
    The pics simply don't do the incredible planet justice.
  6. This is called Dream Lake. The bottom is a perfect reflection of the top stalactites. It looks endless and flawless!
  7. Also listening to 14 by Peter Clines on audio book.
  8. Saw an AMAZING play, An Octoroon at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
  9. Bought a CD. Yep. An actual CD.
    It's this one and it's awesome jazz for soothing my long driving commute.