May photos

It's the end of another month!? How does that happen?? Well, here's what my phone camera has to show for it:
  1. My nephew built a Lego bird!
    And he is super adorable about it.
  2. I got a tattoo!
    When I turned 18, I got a mountain range on my tight foot cause I lived in CO. Now I live in DC and it is my home.
  3. My cat buried himself inside a jacket.
    And it was also adorable.
  4. I walked down the street from my (now old) work place in this was at the end of the block.
  5. My cat got himself stuck between the screen and glass doors.
    He almost couldn't get out.
  6. I'm making a baby blanket!
    The granny squares are laid I gotta patch them together.
  7. I went on a hike with some lady friends and had a fabulous day!
    There were lots of overlook views of the Shanandoah Valley.