but I need the time/motivation/means/training
  1. Learn Spanish
    Like really learn it. Not fluent, I guess but enough to understand those speaking it around me and to be able to be kind to my neighbors who speak it by speaking their language. Also helpful for travel (see below).
  2. Be outside as much as I say I want to be
    Often, the impulse hits me when I am outside and the weather is nice. Then I walk inside, just to "drop off my things" then I sit on my incredibly comfy couch and instinctively reach for the remote. Then I make up justifications for not going back outside. But I should.
  3. Visit each continent (except for Antarctica - I'm not crazy)
    Three down, three to go
  4. Call my long-distance friends more
    I think about them all the time. But for many and no reasons at all, I don't actually call. Or even send a text. But I know I want to and I should. They are really lovely people.
  5. Host a monthly game night
    I've been promising this to people for years and have yet to make it a priority.
  6. Tour more of my own country
    I enjoy it every time I do and I hope I continue to just do it.
  7. Knit or crochet a piece large enough to cover my bed
    I'm very close but I have a habit of giving away the projects I work on or stopping in the middle of one to make something else.
  8. Finally touch up that tattoo I got when I was 18
    I still love it and it means a lot to me and I don't think I want another tattoo but I want to keep that one looking fresh. And maybe I can get my sister to touch up hers too.
  9. Continue to end each day and every phone call with my husband by saying "I Love You"
    Cause he's worth it.