1. The way she made spaghetti sauce
    Saute the onion, garlic and meat, put in blender with some sauce, replace in pan to heat and finish cooking meat.
  2. The feel of the shag rug in her basement between my toes.
  3. Her blue room with all the hats on the wall.
  4. Her penchant for gadgets and her inventiveness to make things work for her.
  5. The ring she gave as my engagement ring.
  6. Her pride when talking about her accomplishments in her music.
  7. Going on a cruise through the Baltic with grandad. We were all JH initials which caused great confusion.
  8. Her advice on having short legs - keep a clothes pin in the car that you can use to hold some slack in the seat belt so it won't cut across your neck.
  9. How quickly she believed in conspiracy theories and loved sharing her "secret knowledge" with you.
  10. The way her house smelled.
  11. Sitting on the big dictionary on the chair at the kitchen table watching her cook and spinning the lazy Susan - gently, of course.
  12. That my hands are near copies of hers.
  13. Watching old Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire movies together.
  14. When she called me nearly crying because Michael Buble had gotten engaged - and not to me.
  15. How she insisted that she wanted to be the kind of support that when I won a Tony I would thank her.