Things I would do with disposable income

I had been thinking of making this list for a long time but just remembered when I saw @cvlop61 doing it! I'm assuming this is income that keeps a comin', not like winning the lottery
  1. Buy new, well-fitting bras and underwear
    Cause them things be expensive!
  2. Pay someone to clean my living space once or twice a month
    Just cause I don't like to do it myself.
  3. Buy a house in a decent neighborhood in DC
    Cause otherwise anything we could afford would be in the 'burbs
  4. Travel so much more!
    Day trips, weekend trips, road trips, 2 montgs in Asia and Australia, European river cruise, Alaskan cruise - all the travel!
  5. Get regular massages
    At least on the monthly.
  6. Carry around cash to give to those who ask for it
    And also send checks to those organizations who send me mail to ask me for money. (Some of them anyway.)