Things that fill up my calendar

I am a believer in "you give your time to the things you care about most." These are the things I continually try to make time for.
  1. Theatre
    Seeing it, making it, reading about it and being a voice for it.
  2. Yoga
    Because self care is important
  3. Church activites
    My churches motto is "Spirit and Service." Receiving the Spirit is only as useful as giving it back in Service.
  4. Quiet evenings at home
    Because stillness is also important
  5. Seeing friends
    I try to incorporate others into many of the things already listed but nothing beats just having a meal together or playing games with pals.
  6. Donating blood and platelets
    Because so many people need it and not many can give it
  7. Adulting
    Oh yeah, grocery shopping, laundry, appointments, etc.