My cat is a cat's cat. He's pretty social with people but likes his personal space. He's not always and asshole but can chose to just act out for no apparent reason at all. However, he loves to eat. He is not a fat cat but he is tall and seems to want so badly, as he ages, to be a fat cat. (But who among us can say that int true for us too?)
  1. Times I want to feed my cat:
  2. Around the time I wake up - usually 7 am or so
  3. Around the time I get home from work -around 6 pm
  5. Times my cat wants to eat:
  6. 3:09 am
    When he likes to come lay on my chest like all he wants is to cuddle but then violently jumps off to sit at his bowl and stare at me.
  7. 4:15 am
    When he starts chewing on the bag in the bedroom trash can - a sound that apparently cuts though all possible sleep to make me yell at him.
  8. 5:22 am
    At which point he starts meowing loudly and pacing. Oh, the pain of hunger!
  9. 7:00 am
    This is when he finally gets fed. (Except for those nights when he is so annoying at one of the above times that it makes me actually get out of bed and put a few morsels in his bowl.)
  10. 2:00 pm
    Around the time he is getting low on his morning food.
  11. 3:07 pm
    But don't be fooled, he still has food in his bowl.
  12. 3:53 pm
    At this point he has started rationing anything left in the bowl, fearing he will never be fed again.
  13. 5:40 pm
    Sometimes he gets to eat at this time when my husband gets home.
  14. 11:10 pm
    When we are getting ready for bed and he knows he may run out of food before he can wake us up again.
  15. Pretending he's not a total asshole.