A list of life events that will help people to get to know me.
  1. Age 12. Tree Destroys Home
    Mother's Day. 1994. I hear a major storm outside. The house shook loudly. I crawl under my bed in fear. Our family home was destroyed. Rebuilding took six months.
  2. Age 18. Eagle Award
    I loved being a Boy Scout. One of my happiest memories was earning my Eagle.
  3. Age 22. Finished College.
    I finished college from UT Martin.
  4. Age 23. Earned the Vigil Honor.
    In the Boy Scouts there is a organization called The Order of the Arrow. Another of my finest memories is reaching the highest level.
  5. Age 24. Became an Freethinker.
    I was reading books on science and learned that evolution is well supported. Creationism is clearly wrong and should never be taught. While this alone does not negate the supernatural, my thinking has gravitated towards skepticism. Shortly after this I discovered Unitarian Universalism.
  6. Age 27. Finished Master's.
    I finished my Master's in Computer Science from Ole Miss.
  7. Age 29. Met Michelle.
    Michelle is wonderful and we have much in common. We both enjoy computers, video games, science fiction, and skepticism.
  8. Age 31. Trip to Japan.
    How many people go on international travel at such a young age? I had a paper published to a prestigious conference in Niigata, Japan. Lots of fun.
  9. Age 33. Finished Ph.D.
    I finished my PhD in Computer Science. My time in graduate school is over. I started out being an Assistant Professor.
  10. Age 33. Married Michelle.
    Michelle is the most patient person I've ever met. This was the best decision I ever made.
  11. Age 35. New school.
    I've started teaching at a new school. Austin Peay State University. Hope I can stay forever!