Genuinely treating yourself or loved ones or buying frivolous things that bring you joy = not a waste. This stuff = I never learn.
  1. Razors
    I have every "base" of a razor that exists bc I can never remember which one I have when I go to buy cartridges. Then I just use cheap disposable ones & hardly shave anyway.
  2. Dog accessories my dog won't tolerate
    Most recently, booties to protect from winter sidewalks that cost $14 and will never be worn.
  3. Glass of wine at restaurants
    Can never have just one but somehow the bottle always seems too expensive??
  4. Beauty products I'm unknowingly allergic to
    Hanging on to some sea salt spray that gave me a face rash just in case I grow out of it someday
  5. Shoes that hurt too much to wear for any reasonable amount of time
    Anything with a pointy toe, a heel, or a non- orthopedic look