Times My Family Has Helped Me

My family has an eerie ability to somewhat blindly jump in and help fix both mild and major crises.
  1. When Tate put too much hand sanitizer on and flung his wedding ring into the bushes.
    My aunt Renee found it & demanded a hug as payment.
  2. When we pulled up to our wedding hotel with a trunk full of beer and wine.
    Several family members appeared out of nowhere and unloaded it all.
  3. When I had to get home after a long night of drinking in Allston at 34 yrs of age.
    My cousins took my phone, got me an Uber, and settled me in the backseat like a tiny child.
  4. Every time I moved into a new apartment from 1998-2007 and 2011-2015.
    Jimmy Cerretti is the king of carrying heavy things, motto: always bring an extra shirt to change into after you sweat through your first one.