I love Star Wars and I'm jazzed about the upcoming sequels, but after seeing the latest trailer and reading about it, I have to admit some of it is well, interesting
  1. Han & Chewy still together?
    Ok 30 years after ROJ and Han and chewy are still together? They are approaching old age and unmarried, although it's unclear if they cohabitate. I guess there are many things Obi wan never told us? #wookiesexual
  2. Kylo Ren gently stroking Darth Vader's penis head shaped helmet.
    In the trailer, the villain kylo Ren is shown doing this gently and reassuringly. What is that about?
  3. Plot: search for lukes lost light saber
    If you read the various fan sites, an important part of the plot is the search for lukes lost light saber. So, essentially the characters are searching for a phallic shaped object???
  4. A cute, but testicle shaped droid?
    The new droid is cool and cute, but it is what it is.
  5. Lots of scenes where tie fighters and xwings dive into deep, dark canyons and caverns
    Ok cmon??? You can't be serious?