This was inspired by @charlie list. Upfront, at first, I hated snapchat. I thought it was pointless, but the stories feature changed everything.
  1. Users can not have a bad experience.
    On most social apps, you leave yourself open for all sorts of trolling and shitty behavior from other users. On snapchat, there are no comments and no possibility someone can say something terrible that lives on line forever. You just get the positive feedback that people are looking at your stuff.
  2. No follower counts
    One of the biggest problems and obstacles to getting users to participate is that on most social apps, you are very clearly how unimportant you are. Kim Kardashian has 5m followers and you have three (one of which is your mom). The insecurity that comes from this dis incentivizes users from creating content. Why would you? Snap chat gets rid of this.
  3. No profile means no permanent record.
    Social media profiles are passé. Everyone carefully curates their Facebook and other profiles to make their lives look amazing and adventurous. We all know it's not true and it's annoying. Snapchat is more real and raw.
  4. Visually focused.
    No one wants to write anymore. It's all about communicating through photos and pictures. Snapchat has greased the rails for easy photo and video content creation. It's amazing how many users who have NOTHING to say on Twitter post like crazy on Snapchat.
  5. It is simultaneously private and gives you an audience.
    People seek approval. Even from strangers. The app allows you to generate and audience, but at the same time, you can have intimacy with your friends.
  6. No video/photo uploads
    This is such an underrated feature. One of the things I hate about Facebook and Instagram so much is the lengths and efforts people will go to editing and getting their shots "just right" so they can completely curate and edit their miserable boring lives to look interesting. With snapchat, you either get right the first time and do it impromptu or the moment is gone.