A collection of actors and actresses who I personally love and hope to see on the list of stars when every movie is released
  1. John Krasinski who is a great personality to have around a set and is a great actor no matter what movie he stars in.
  2. Adam Sandler adds a layer of funny to whatever is happening in the movie.
  3. Steve Carell is just overall an amazing actor and I get very excited when I see him as a lead in a movie.
  4. Harrison Ford is a class act who will never get old in whatever movie he stars in. Whether he's an extra or the lead role, he brings sophistication and nostalgia to the screen.
  5. Liam Nesson may be getting on the older side but he is still the great actor that his audiences had come to love in Star Wars and The Taken Series. He brings a level of experience that no one can match.
  6. Jim Carey has to be a part of this list for so many reasons. He is hilarious and has the comedic experience to make a film funny in his own little ways. He brings a level of life to movies that makes them more lively and fun to watch.