Favorite Lyrics

  1. "We live on the cusp of death, thinking that it won't be us."
  2. "And God, came down down down down down and said... Nothing."
  3. "Follow the formula, violence, drugs, and sex sells. So we try to sound like someone else."
  4. "We sell our dreams and our potential to escape through that buzz."
  5. "Nice mask on, yeah I wear the same one"
  6. "The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing women that they look better in their makeup"
  7. "Let's fake another toast to the good life"
  8. "Bought a one night stand, just a bootleg. A duplication of something authentic"
  9. "Flag waving at a patriot's house, looking for change in the couch."
  10. "Humanity is a privilege, we can't give in."
  11. "When they build walls, we'll build bridges."
  12. "Open up the jails and the overcrowded cells. When we oppress anyone, we oppress ourselves."
  13. "The greatest gift I ever learned was helping someone else. You feel fully fulfilled because you forget about yourself."
  14. "Love everyone regardless of the God they worship."
  15. "We can't address the hate until we acknowledge it. If Jesus was alive would he let Mohamed in?"