1. The complete lack of searches upon entry
  2. Sophie for actually burying three handles of titos in various spots in the park prior to the festival
  3. Peeing next to the panhandle stage
  4. Chicken tikka masala wraps
  5. Hot Chip. Yall killed it
  6. Girls wearing Elton John shirts walking away from Elton to go see Axwell and Ingrosso
  7. Sharing an airbnb with fifteen year old girls who are famous on Instagram
  8. Ryokos sushi
  9. Homeless people shooting up outside the holiday inn civic center on 8th st
  10. Chocoland
  11. Billy idol dropping acid pre-show
  12. Buying cannabis margaritas from a guy with a cooler outside of the park
  13. Doing Molly on Sunday
  14. Flower crowns
  15. Guys with beards and hot girlfriends
  16. Three hour lines at the Heineken dome
  17. Peeing on houses next to the park at 10:06