Original movies only. Admittedly, this is a not-as-good rip-off of @angusisley 's awesome battle list.
  1. JOHN MCCLANE: reluctant hero who ends up saving (most of) a building full of hostages, including his wife.
    10 points
  2. SARAH CONNOR: reluctant hero who ends up saving THE WORLD.
    25 points
  3. JOHN MCCLANE: nemesis is Hans Gruber.
    35 points
  4. SARAH CONNER: nemesis is the Terminator.
    25 points
  5. JOHN MCCLANE: sees some boobs a few times and gets a sweaty end-of-movie kiss with his estranged wife.
    5 points
  6. SARAH CONNOR: makes passionate love with Reese, who traveled through time for her.
    25 points
  7. JOHN MCCLANE: makes a great costume for the right Christmas party.
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    10 points
  8. SARAH CONNER: makes a great Halloween costume if you're pregnant.
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    1 point
  9. JOHN MCCLANE TOTAL: 60 points
  10. SARAH CONNOR TOTAL: 76 points
  11. Winner: SARAH CONNOR