Based on circumstances as much as (or more than) quality of the stogie. Thanks for the suggestion @sophia - want to add a new one with me soon?
  1. Partagas 151
    Given to me by the first investor in one of my projects on the day we met.
  2. Macanudo Churchill
    My first Cuban smoked the night before my SAT II Math test at a sleepover study party. Thanks Mr. Ruggiero.
  3. Dunhill corona
    My good friend Matt and I took a break from his prom to enjoy a thoughtful smoke as we sat on the edge of big changes.
  4. Romeo y Julieta Reserva
    On a boat on the Hudson during "Project Graduation." Talked my high school principal into giving me the stogie he had brought for my dad (hey - he wasn't going to smoke it!). First time dad saw me smoking.
  5. Esteban Carreras Maduro
    On my first night in Atlanta with @MrNewJersey just before spectating at Amateur Night at Blue Flame. Glad I had some fortification.
  6. Unknown Nicaraguan Maduro
    After the best meal of my life at L'Espalier, spending my best friend's signing bonus. Wore the same dress as when I smoked the Dunhill above.