1. TMI
    I've never used a Diva Cup. Tampons are my weapon of choice, though I have found pregnancy and nursing an effective crimson tide avoidance tactic (granted, I don't recommend this absent other motives).
  2. Avocado toast
    I like mine at home, with turkey, cheese and top bread. Yes. That's a sandwich.
  3. Husband brag
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    Yeah he's a neuroscientist working to link cancer patients with clinical trials: http://bit.ly/1CMDMIb
  4. First kiss story
    Middle school. He was a wrestler named Richie. We kissed while Johnny Dangerously played in the background. He had braces. I felt strange afterwards: a little revolted, a bit excited and mostly anxious. Luckily, kissing got better, but not with Richie.
  5. "Random" photo from phone
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    Not random at all. It's my favorite. Seriously, how do you guys "choose" "random" "photos?" And how do I turn these damn "quot""es"" off?"?"
  6. Deeply Personal Admission
    I am scared shitless of having a daughter. I feel like I haven't figured out some important things I would want her to know and I'm worried about her and mad at myself for feeling differently about raising boys versus girls even as I know there would be real differences. Might never have to confront this, anyway.
  7. Last thing I googled
    "Singapore REITs." Cool new band? Trending cocktail? Interesting disease? Nope, just stocks.