Having sons means I get to feel progressive when I introduce them to princesses. They haven't met all of these yet, but...
  1. Leia
  2. Ariel
    A rebel with an amazing voice and great songs. And she loves her daddy, even if she can't stay in New Jersey - er, I mean the ocean (I still cry at the end).
  3. Xena
    Kicks ass. Has an awesome horse. Looks like it might really hurt if she hit you. "Ay-yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!"
  4. Mulan
    A gender bender who kicks ass.
  5. Rapunzel
    Fearless and fun. Gets an Alan Menken song in an age when there's a dearth of them.
  6. Merida
    This might just be because I'm kind of in love with Kelly MacDonald. But the archery and wild hair are cool.