Thanks to so many of you for the love and support. My mother is doing much better and she put up with all my cooking, baking, fussing and chiding like a champ.
  1. Steel-cut oats cooked in "banana milk" served with blanched almonds, sliced apple, a touch of honey and some almond milk.
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    Thanks @emilyrieger - as you see, she loved it.
  2. Jenny's Green Shake.
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    My mom loves my daily morning shake. Here's my formula: Almond milk, LOTS of spinach, blueberries, almond butter, Arbonne vanilla protein powder (has sugar and stevia). I put coconut milk in mine, too, but coconut's effect on heart health is still unclear.
  3. From Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease cookbook, which has a POV too strict for mom but has some great recipes: sliced beets on a salad of beet greens and stems with Dijon drizzle. Great for epithelial cells and mom ate it!
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  4. Kale Cake. Yes, she ate a cake made of kale (and whole wheat and maple syrup). I will be making this again as the boys loved the piece I brought home.
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  5. White bean, kale, sweet potato soup.
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    We invited grandpa, who mom said would not eat this kind of food. Two bowls later he told me his mother used to make the same soup and called it "scamatza duda." That's the phonetic Italian-American spelling. I'm sure there's a basis in real Italian somewhere.
  6. Avocado toast on Fitness Bread.
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    Mom wanted to get cake and cookies for her many visitors. Seriously?!? Half of THEM are on Lipitor!! I set out olives, avocado toast with cucumber, and quinoa salad. My Aunt is now addicted to fitness bread and buying it in bulk to share with mom.
  7. Poached egg on baby kale with sweet potato vinaigrette.
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    One egg (185 mg cholesterol) is on bounds as long as she keeps total cholesterol under 300mg/day.
  8. Fine. I made something from It's All Good. Basic brownies with almond whip for dipping. And both were awesome.
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  9. I didn't get to the spaghetti squash @furtadomf but I did buy one and leave it for dad to make.
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  10. The Tinkyada was delayed by Amazon @gabimoskowitz but she will get it and try it.
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  11. Chocolate raspberry pudding.
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    Made out of silken tofu. Don't tell mom! She loved it.