1. Rosanne
    Darlene got her period two weeks before I did, prompting my mom to have a "talk" with me, just in time. So glad I had some preparation. Thanks, Darlene.
  2. Magnum PI
    Fixed in my young mind the physical ideal of manhood. I would argue I came pretty close.
  3. Moonlighting
    Introduced me to the concept of sexual tension. Come to think of it, this may have hurt more than it helped.
  4. Xena: Warrior Princess
    Yeah, I said it. Women can kick ass and still get the guy (later, the girl, but I was done watching by then). This was good to know.
  5. Burn Notice
    There's a whole bit on how to drink with people and avoid getting as drunk as your companions. Wish I had seen this a decade sooner.
  6. The A Team
    Cigars. I also love it when a plan comes together.