Does she come to your house, too?
  1. This year I had a turtle and a pumpkin.
  2. We trick-or-treated in the same Pasadena hood we have been hitting up for four years, with the same group of friends. Basically, three newly short-haired or no-haired mamas getting verklempt watching our kiddos grow up in real time. And much love to our other awesome adult companions (you know who you are).
  3. Everyone got too much candy. That's where the Switch Witch comes in.
  4. The boys picked five pieces each (with guidance re: Reese's peanut butter cups) and any raisins or organic fruit snacks were also saved.
  5. The rest went out on the deck for the witch. Bruce called to her: "Switch Witch! Down here! Come and get some candy!"
  6. She has an iconic signature that doesn't look anything like Santa's. But it is reminiscent of Wicked's logo.
  7. The better/more candy, the better/more you get in the swap. I think the Switch Witch is on List App, because she must have read @xtineengels list to pick out her swap presents this year.
  8. Two books per boy and each a big hit. Though *I* somehow have a tummy ache today. Hmmm....