Unfiltered, unfair and irrational.
  1. WTF? I am so pissed off. Eat a goddamned vegetable once in a while and walk a mile now and then!
  2. I'm getting on a plane. I'm getting on a plane right now. Wait, I need a ticket. And I should tell my husband. And solve for our kids. Ok, I'm buying a ticket. I'm buying a ticket right now.
  3. She's fine. She'll be ok. She's crazy strong. Actually, let's not think about her right now. You know what? I can't think about her right now. Where are those annoying work projects I've been putting off?
  4. I can't work anymore. I can't stop thinking of her. I'm going to the gym for hard-core cardio.
  5. See! Is this so goddamn hard? Exercise, sweat, heart health. Goddamn it! Sixty-six is so young!Why didn't she ever do this?
  6. How much should I tell my kids?
  7. Is she going to be ok?