Moving is hard, but the emotional side is always more of a challenge for me than the logistics.
  1. The canyon
    Yes, we won't be far from Eaton Canyon at the new place, but it won't be right outside our back yard.
  2. The bobcat
    I feel like she has become my spirit animal, I have seen her so often.
  3. The bear
    Now who will toss my trash and leave me a poop present all over the garage door? You know what, never mind. Don't answer that.
  4. The fireplace
    I am enjoying its heat as I type this list. The new place has a fireplace, but remember, this is about the emotions.
  5. My neighbors
    I will get new neighbors. But these have been true neighbor's. Not just the "do you have a few eggs I can use?" kind, but the "hey can you watch my kids for an hour while I do a conference call" kind.
  6. The last two and a half years of my children's lives.
    THIS is the challenge of moving for me. When I leave a place, I leave some of the memories behind. It's unavoidable. And whether or not this new house is better for us in a time of positive change, I will still morn in some part the loss of the mists of memory that hang about the place in which those memories were made.