1. "On fleek"
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    I was told that my eyebrows are pretty on fleek
  2. Illegible hashtags
  3. "Running through the six with my woes"
    Sorry guys, would love to hang this weekend but I promised my woes that we'd go for a light jog
  4. "...or nah"
    Pop that at the end of your sentences to negate everything you previously stated... Or nah
  5. "Bye Felicia"
    Who is Felicia and why is she always leaving?
  6. "Get wrecked"
    Sounds unpleasant on all fronts
  7. "Bae"
    I get it, it's an iteration of "babe" or "baby." But i feel like I can fling this around town cuz everyone is my baebae!
    Derived from the wonderful world of drag counterculture, I tend to shout this aloud when something delicious happens
  9. "Turn up" or the past tense "turnt"
    Shit I got hella turnt wrecked on some bae fleek this weekend
  10. "Ratchet"
    Oh no, the bank ratcheted up interest rates again