1. A baby bear
    *bear hugz*
  2. Terry crews
    He seems super nice!
  3. An elephant's trunk
    I heard they're squishy
  4. Radioactive man
    With hopes of obtaining some sweet powers but could possibly get weird diseases
  5. A seal
    I enjoy fat things
  6. A raccoon
    Whatever, they're cute, ok?!
  7. A super old statue at a museum
    Could fall over on top of me or may get beat up by security guards.. I yearn to touch their cold marble skin
  8. A Buckingham palace guard
    Who knows what may set those dudes off
  9. A life sized gumby
  10. A stingray... Because 🙆
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  11. The dwarf planet Pluto
    So cute. But -240 degrees.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  12. A tower of toilet paper