1. When people ask for a bite or a sip
  2. Grammar nazis
  3. Real nazis
  4. Republicans
  5. Hangnails
  6. Smelly elderly folk
  7. People who drive exactly 65mph on the freeway
  8. Most SNL skits from the last 2 years
  9. People who eat dog meat
  10. Naysayers of potentially fictional beings (you don't get to tell me Santa isn't real you fucking heathen)
  11. Stuffy noses
  12. Sticky movie theatre floors
  13. The ending of the Sopranos
  14. Lando Calrissian backstabbing Han Solo
  15. Unacceptably spicy Indian food... I mean, there's a point where it's just like wtf guys chill already
  16. Pooping when you think you have to poop but you're not quite 100% ready to poop so you force it out and then your butt feels weird for like 20min after