Props to a dear friend who helped me craft this list. He is my muse, my flame
  1. If I'm waiting for a waiter, do I become the waiter?
  2. If I illegally download a movie in Jamaica, am I a pirate of the Caribbean?
  3. A red headed man working at a bakery would make him a ginger bread man...?
  4. If we discover a UFO that crash landed, would it just become an O?
  5. Tomatoes are fruit. Thus, ketchup is a jam...?
  6. If root beer is poured in a square glass, is it just beer?
  7. If two vegans are arguing, do they have beef?
  8. Apple will soon be making an iCar. But will it have windows?
  9. When Jay Z proposed to Beyoncé, did she become his Feyoncé?
  10. If two wrongs don't make a right, do two Wrights still make an airplane?