For every parent who has ever traced an unknown mess to its terrifying source.
  1. Because he is pretending to be Winnie the Pooh with a real jar of honey.
  2. Because he has been saving half-eaten lollipops under his pillow ever since Halloween.
  3. Because he has used four rolls of masking tape to turn himself into a mummy.
  4. Because he was trying to glue himself to the dog.
  5. Because he believes sap is the magical secret ingredient to help you climb trees.
  6. Because he thought taking a bath in orange juice would make him look like the Lorax.
  7. Because he hid half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his car seat two days ago.
  8. Because glitter glue makes your hair sparkle like a fairy.
  9. Because he heard someone say mud baths are good for your skin.
  10. Because he and his brother were recreating scenes from Star Wars using popsicles as light sabers.