Requested by @gtamkus
When I road trip, I have 2 rules: 1. If you know that song that's playing you must sing along, other wise you're dancing. 2. If you see anything remotely interesting you have to stop ( time permitting of course )
  1. Blytheville, Arkansas. Car-Mac's Ninja Equipment, fireworks, gasoline and pantry.
    The name says it all, this place had every deadly weapon, and knock off fireworks you could ever want. One stop shop for groceries and killing needs
  2. Alabama - Trolley car grave yard
    While stop for gas we noticed a vacant lot done the street from the gas station that looked like a junk yard. When we came closer we found a massive jungle gym of trolley cars piled high. Spent some time climbing and took a little souvenir.
  3. North East Ohio - Ghandi garden.
    On the way from Detroit to Cleveland, a friend noticed this very well kept bushes in the middle of no where. We stopped to take a look inside and found a Ghandi shrine, complete with fountains , little bridges and small place the meditate all around a 10 foot metal Ghandi statue.
  4. Lynchburg, Tennessee - Jack Daniels distillery jzmnx
    On our way to Nashville, we decided to take the back roads and stumbled upon Jack Daniel's Distillery. Nothing special but the reason this stop is so memoriable is because of the song we found on the radio. Hocus Pocus by Focus. Amazing Song, sweet guitar rifts, crazy yodeling ( yes yodeling) check it out.
  5. Sawyer, Michigan - Green Bush
    Little Brewery in a small town. Good Bbq, Out door patio, and now a dinner, the place is becoming more and more popular. My friends and I love this place so much we have started an annual trip here called "Bushfest".