New York Bucket List

New York for the first time next weekend. Few ideas of wha to do.
  1. Jazz club
    Old friend from high school plays trumpet around town. Want to meet up with him.
  2. Jersey side of the Hudson view of Manhattan
    Been told this is a much better view than east Hudson Boardwalk.
  3. Get decent New York style pizza
    And then say deep dish is better because I'm from Chicago
  4. New York bagel
    Never heard of this but have been told by a few people that these are decent
  5. Central Park
  6. Hudson Manhattan Rye whiskey distillery tour
    My favorite Rye whiskey, This will probably not happen since I dont have free time during the afternoon while in NYC
  7. Only take public transportation everywhere
    Help me learn the city better
  8. Knicks Game
    Would be great to see Kuzminskas and Porzingis in person
  9. Check out a 1 wall hand ball game
    My school was #1 in the world for handball, in NYC they play a slightly different version
  10. Katz's Delicatessen
    Love a good sandwich
  11. Chelsea Martket
  12. Highline
  13. McSorleys
    Been told it's a very old bar that's pretty cool