Things I Absolutely Love

  1. Hugs
    Don't do this nearly enough
  2. Bruschetta
    Get it almost every chance I can
  3. Music
    Listening, singing, dancing, making
  4. Root beer
    Guilty pleasure #1
  5. Staying up all night talking
    Deep open discussions
  6. Sleeping in
    All star sleeper
  7. Being without my phone, wallet, and keys
    Stress levels drop dramatically
  8. Sports jerseys
    No names on them tho
  9. Giving gifts
    Big or small
  10. Teaching
    Please, call me professor
  11. Corned Beef
    And any sandwiches containing it
  12. Charcuterie
    Fancy cheese and meat with a nice beer on a cool summer day.
  13. French Onion Soup
  14. Bloody Mary's
    With a little hot sauce
  15. Cheese Curds
    The further north you go the better they are