because RIP Grantland pods.
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    A Gimlet pod nominally about the Internet, which in 2015, is a show about life. I legit cried on the way to work while listening to eps 23 & 24 "Exit and Return". The other Gimlet pods "Startup" and "Mystery Show" are great too. I recommend Mystery Show ep #3
  2. Slate's Working
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    Interviews someone about their job each week, I especially liked the medical resident and book editor eps #nerd
  3. Longform
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    Interviews a book, magazine, or Internet writer each week about their process and important pieces. I especially liked the Grantland writers (Rembert, Greenwald, Jay Kaspian Kang) and Margaret Sullivan. There are 100+ to fill your commute
  4. A Few Things with Claire and Erica
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    I feel like people are always trying to understand teen Internet habits (still don't get snapchat) and this is the equivalent for women in their 30s. I basically send every ep to my friends bc it's something we're talking about. Also they are University of Chicago grads who started an awesome business that they just sold for I hope tons of money
  5. Recode Decode
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    A tech interview and commentary pod from Tech site Recode's Kara Swisher, who gets great guests. I recently really liked Valerie Jarrett from the White House and Vijaya Gadde from Twitter
  6. A Chef's Story
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    Interviews with chefs about how they got into cooking, think about food, and their restaurants. Also has a huge backlog of eps to work through
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