In what situation do you ever need a French horn emoji.
  1. ✒️
    A fountain pen? Oh you fancy, huh.
  2. 🐗
    Can't go out tonight, too busy hanging out with my warthog [warthog emoji].
  3. 📁📂
    Guy this is just the same grey folder slightly open and slightly opener.
  4. 🚋🚃
    Anyone else seeing double or is that just me? K thanks.
  5. 📯
    I don't know why this is categorized with the mailboxes and I won't sleep tonight because of it.
  6. 🕔
    omg this is so much easier than typing out 4:00!
  7. 💱
    I mean, I'm not an international banker but if I was I'd probably use this in all my reports.
  8. 🚫
    Okay wait this one is actually super useful.