1. Talking about how they were in the military
    I literally do not want to hear about how you were in the navy ....plz leave me alone
  2. Detailing their most recent vacation to Florida
    I'm really glad that you got to go spend time with your WIFE stop flirting with me
  3. Asking me my political views because of my haircut
    I have an undercut which apparently screams "flaming liberal" to general Ohio residents
  4. Asking me if I (a female) was dating my other female friend
    I kid you not my close friend kissed me on the cheek in public and this 60 year old dude asked if we were dating
  5. Hey cutie
    I was walking down the street wearing a dress and a man who was definitely over sixty cat called me like really I am 19 holy shit
  6. Basically I am done with having to put up with entitled old fucks just because I'm a young woman in society