Contains spoilers
  1. Really? 90 minutes to show Morgan's backstory when it could have been covered in 15-20? Get back to Glen. Rick. Literally ANYONE ELSE!
  2. How is Judith still alive?
  3. Who's going to kill Morgan? A wolf? Carol, maybe?
  4. If she doesn't, please let it happen soon. He was a badass for like two episodes and now he's not worth anyone's time.
  5. Glen's still alive.....for now. Gotta hold out for a tearful reunion with Maggie.
  6. We've seen way too little action from Darryl this season. I wanna see some arrows flying, people!
  7. Producers: Fear TWD was a noble attempt but not what the fans want.
  8. My suggestion: create a mini-series with individual episodes that show us the pre-apocalyptic lives of our favorite survivors (and non-survivors). Hershel and family, Dale, Carol & abusive husband, Darryl, GLEN!! Helps build character dedication from the fans and gives us a chance to mourn some old favorites again. Guaranteed ratings.