Things I've Completed while on Unplanned Vacation

I've had an inordinate amount of time on my hands this past week as evidenced by the amount of housework I've completed.
  1. Mopped the floors in my house (twice).
    Because I decided to put the 5 gallon jug of water on the dispenser right after I mopped the first time even though I am neither tall enough or strong enough to accomplish the task.
  2. Cleaned the oven, which I don't think had been cleaned in at least a year (yikes!).
    Because of course something started to burn in the back, but I can't remember anything that dripped when it cooked.
  3. Cleaned the microwave (twice).
    Because no one in my home can seem to use the microwave cover I bought to prevent food explosion splatter.
  4. Reorganized all the cupboards in my kitchen.
    Because we just love to throw the Tupperware in the cupboard without looking inside or putting things in their proper place.
  5. Cleaned out the refrigerator.
    Because 6 month old full honey roasted hams should not be living in my refrigerator.
  6. Built a fireplace TV console.
    Because there's nothing cozier than cuddling up by the fireplace in the fall.
  7. Rearranged the family room.
    Because we had to accommodate the coziness of the fireplace.
  8. Reorganized the laundry room.
    Because, well, let's face it: no one ever looks in there, and it was a frightful disaster.
  9. Washed about 10 loads of laundry.
    Because I have stinky boys and stinky cats, and you can never have enough clean laundry.
  10. Reorganized my closet.
    Because I have too many clothes.
  11. Reorganized my dresser.
    Because I need to get rid of some of my "I think I may wear this again someday" collection.
  12. Ironed all of my work clothes.
    Because there's nothing worse that being unprepared on an early morning.
  13. Rearranged my office.
    Because I bought a piano and plunked it in there and disregarded the fact that it's just wall to wall crap in there.
  14. Rearranged my bedroom.
    Because fall is sexy time, and we need a little more coziness in the bedroom.
  15. Painted a wall in my bedroom.
    Because absolutely no one should have four white walls in the bedroom.
  16. I've basically cleaned my entire house at least once, and I'm starting to think I'm on round two of that cleaning.
    Because I hate being off of work for more than a few days especially when it's unplanned, and I have way too much pent up blahness waiting for the next job to start.