1. When I was like 1 year old there was a party and there was a cake with plastic balloons on it and as I reached for the balloons to get to lick the frosting off the bottom, my older cousin snatched them all and ran away
  2. Barney came and did magic and he handed me a wand but when it reached for the wand it was a trick and fell apart and I'm still traumatized tbh
  3. I had an actual magician come but I spent the whole time being a smartass about how the "magic" was being done. Also he had a dove that somehow got loose in the house and my dad had to help chase it down and catch it.
  4. I had a pajama party and we painted tshirts and then I had like 6 friends sleep over, all in one bed, my first slumber party!
  5. I had a party at the gymnastics place despite being terrible at and sorta afraid of gtmnastics
  6. Acting teacher came and had us put on a sorta spontaneous Peter Pan. My best friend played the mom and my grandpa played the dad.
  7. Lots of people hanging out and having a plain cake that we decorated and ate and fucked around. First time seeing people play spin the bottle, but I sat out of it. There were some gay kisses.
  8. Plaster Fun Time, then my first kiss
  9. Sara's birthday parties; every year I showed up and sat on the stairs, repeatedly calling my parents to pick me up and take me home because anxiety was too bad to go into the room. Talking to Julie; feeling understood, accepted, supported.
  10. Sister's party, I was super tiny, got my finger jammed between two bowling balls
  11. Ice cream cake at camp; gave 0 shits for birthdays, just liked cake