Love my dysfunctional family. Happy thanksgiving! (Guess who had a lot of drinks...)
  1. Mom says something about being sick
  2. Mom complains
  3. Uncle tries to teach a life or money lesson
  4. Mom cries
  5. Mom, aunt, and uncle compete to be the first to help Nana
  6. Uncle makes terrible joke/laughs at own joke
  7. Aunt remarks on kids+weed
  8. Mom aunt and uncle are signing -- drink until they stop
  9. Mom aunt and uncle perform reenactment of childhood memory -- drink until reenactment is complete
  10. Chihuahua barks excessively and no one tries to stop her -- drink until someone stops her
  11. Dad speaks -- drink until he speaks again (kidding)
  12. Nana has a moment of clarity -- finish your drink
  13. Anyone has a full-blown breakdown -- finish your drink
  14. If there is ONE moment of silence -- finish your drink