(AKA Jonah angst) (I am not getting a job tbh)
  1. Originally showed up to the wrong place, didn't get to the right place until the exact second they were letting us into the room
    There's "disorganization" or "doesn't pay attention to instructions" for ya.....
  2. Everyone had a list of like sixty things they were a part of (clubs, govt, research, etc.) and I just listed a few things I was "trying to get more involved in." Also I'm pretty sure I was the only one with *just* one major (as opposed to multiple majors and/or minors)
    Worth noting that two (or all three?) of the interviewees were freshmen and yet do way more than me, a sophomore.
  3. (In a practice question) Sliiiightly confirmed (/did not properly deny) the stereotype that southwest is full of parties n shit. Also included a bold-faced like that "I don't think [parties] really happen" and a weird comment about how "lots of people who play sports live there...but also people who play sports live other places!"
    I think it's cuz I was gonna say something about "jocks" but didn't wanna sounds like I was doing stereotypes so I just...made it worse...
  4. Probably acted too immediate+enthusiastic about my answer to "if you had to choose one thing you dislike about UMass, what is it and why?"
  5. Also hinted at me being an introvert in the above response, when they even made an explicit comment about tour guides all being "loud extroverts"
  6. Mostly only made eye contact with one of the four interviewers for like the entire time
  7. Didn't ask a question at the end when they opened the floor for that (even though all the three other people did, and the interviewers looked specifically at me as though waiting for me to ask something)
  8. Made a weird face at one of the interviewers when they commented that there was a "social" happening on the 15th (because I know I have a concert that night...)(I also made a similarly weird face at the same interviewer when they were looking at me waiting for me to ask a question...)
  9. Voice was significantly shakier+words more jumbled/inarticulate than preferable (especially when explicitly trying to display good communication skills). Also too much rambling tbh answers should've been shorter in general