1. My cousins, sister, dad, and Nana
  2. Having two parents who love and support me
  3. Access to education
  4. My birb son
  5. Thomas, for birb sitting my birb son right now and is sending me pictures of him not being dead
  6. All my amazing friends
  7. The Internet / technology in general
  8. Blue hair dye
  9. Tattoos
  10. Socks
  11. Musical soundtracks
  12. The fact that I got to use my cousins' wifi to torrent Big Hero 6 (since I can't do that at school or at home)
    AKA torrents and the ability to utilize them to get things
  13. Stuffing
  14. Heating (and air conditioning but not right now)
  15. Cranberry juice
  16. The ability to feel happiness/excitement/etc.
  17. Potatoes