ie when I think "it's time to go to sleep and I'm tired and have nothing to do!" but then for some reason start trying to find things I think I should do????!
  1. Repeatedly check tumblr activity
  2. Repeatedly check for Facebook notifications
  3. Read five or so posts on yik yak
  4. Post on yik yak about "why am I not asleep"
  5. Read articles that people shared on Facebook
  6. Swipe through tinder folks
  7. Aimlessly browse okcupid
  8. Repeatedly check my email
  9. Play Minecraft
  10. Play Adventure Capitalist (???)
  11. Play SimCity
  12. Find a new mindless game to play online
  13. Text back the people I've been ignoring (then get annoyed if they reply because "I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP")
  14. Try to list all the homework assignments due soonish (but continuously space out and not be able to remember I'm thinking about things)
  15. Organize folders on my laptop
  16. Look through every single picture I've ever uploaded to Facebook
  17. Try to figure out the last name of that random person I knew four years ago
  18. Make a list