Great Gift Ideas for Kids Age 8-12 ($5.00 and Up)

These are specific ideas that you might not have thought of or know about. (Obviously books, movies and video games are also always good gifts, but you need to ask the child or the parent which ones to get.)
  1. Get 20 one dollar bills and tape them end to end to make one long row of money. Roll them up like a roll of toilet paper and put it in an empty tissue box. Stick the end up out of the box (like a tissue) with a note attached to the kid that says "Pull me."
    I gave this to a boy for his 11th birthday and it was the hit of the party.
  2. Buy a gift card puzzle and stick a gift card in it.
    I found one at CVS, and you can get them on Amazon or lots of places online I'm sure.
  3. The Claw Candy Machine filled with candy or small toys
    Got it for $19.99 at CVS. This is also on Amazon. Needs 3 "D" batteries.
  4. Mess Free Glitter
    Super fun and only $5.00. At Target or on Amazon
  5. Magic 8 Ball
    $7.99 at Walmart or Target
  6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film camera + film
    A pricier option (will be around $75 total) but kids will love this, and they come in lots of fun colors
  7. Kindle Fire 7" with wifi 8GB
    $49.99 on Amazon
  8. $5.00 gift card tree
    Make a little tree with a bunch of $5.00 gift cards to McDonald's, Target, wherever.