1. Having to listen to people's angry and mostly misinformed but very strong political opinions (I actually have to do this A LOT in real life.)
  2. Someone says "I have to tell you something." Or "We need to talk." Or texts "Can I call you?" WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!!!
  3. People sharing upsetting things they saw on Facebook with me. I'm not on Facebook for a reason...I don't want to know that shit. LET ME LIVE IN MY BUBBLE.
  4. Having to fish something out that fell into the garbage disposal. EW
  5. Being around someone who thrives on drama. GET THE EFF AWAY FROM ME.
  6. Being around extroverted people all day and night. I might even love them but I'm exhausted and I have a headache.
  7. The only channels available on tv are Fox News, OWN, and E!.