Off the top of my head
  1. Synchronized Swimming
    " know you, I know you!" Have quoted this line since I was 9 years old
  2. Choppin' Broccoli
    Never gets old
  3. Wayne's World
  4. Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet
  5. Gilly
    Kristin Wiig's little Gilly dance and her faces crack me up
  6. Stefon
    I probably laughed the hardest at some of the Stefon stuff than any other sketch
  7. Beyoncé and Jay Z's baby shower
    Fred Armisen as Prince -> me bursting out laughing
  8. Maya Rudolph singing National Anthem
  9. Matt Foley Motivational Speaker
  10. Chris Farley air quotations guy
    I don't "let my scabs heal"...I can't "reach all parts of my body"...
  11. Dick in a Box
  12. What Up With That
    Especially Jason Sudeikis as the backup dancer
  13. More Cowbell
  14. Debbie Downer
  15. Love-ahs in the hot tub (Rachel Dratch & Will Ferrell)
  16. Dooneese
  17. Bill Hader as Keith Morrison on Dateline
    Because I totally noticed this about Keith Morrison and then they made a sketch about it and it was hilariously accurate
  18. Annuale commercial
  19. Celebrity Jeopardy
    Turd Ferguson = best name of all time
  20. Buckwheat Sings
    I still sing it "Wookin pa nub..."
  21. Will Ferrell as Harry Carey
    My dad's favorite--never saw him laugh so hard